Flower Delivery
Today to Moscow: 29/09/2022

The service "Yes" guarantees the delivery of the flowers and gifts to the addressee specified by you within the term determined for the particular city from the date of your payment received by us under your order. After execution of your order we confirm you per E-mail that your order has been executed.

1. In case that your order cannot be executed in accuracy, for the reasons stand outside the control of our service (in connection with absence of a certain grade of flowers or fruits etc), we reserve the rights to replace the gift ordered with the similar good or better one. Thus the additional expenses that are born in this case are for account of the executing party (service of delivery of gifts - "Yes").

In case of the change of the price on the particular goods after payment of the order, the recalculation of the cost will not be made. The gift ordered by you will be delivered to addressee under the prices, which acted on the date of registration of your order.

2. In case of a cancellation of your order (more than before 1 day):

2.1 We guarantee return of the sum paid by client under order made.
2.2 We deduct 15 percent from the sum is to be returned, plus the charges of a payment system for the transfer of the sum returned.

3. Additional conditions:

When making an order for the date, that happens to be a non-working day, the delivery automatically lies over the first next working day. The days of rest, considered in Europe, are Saturday and Sunday, in Israel - Saturday, in the Islamic countries - Friday, etc.

4. In case of impossibility to execute the order for the reasons:

4.1 The address or the addressee specified by client is incorrect.
4.2 The addressee is absent (has moved, has leaved for holiday etc).
4.3 The data of the client is incorrect that it is not allowed to communicate with him.
4.4 The addressee has refused to accept a gift.
4.5 The cancellation of the order less than before 1 day.

The sum paid will not be returned to the client.

5. If the client, for any reason is not satisfied with performance of the orderor quality of the delivered bouquet: please, address not later than 48 hoursfrom the moment of delivery, in a support service. Flowers are theperishable goods and we cannot offer you replacement or compensate paymentif you in due time do not notify us on the given problem.

In case of non-execution of the order that was made and paid by client in time on fault of a service ``Sendflower``, the return of the sum paid is to be guaranteed in a full volume.